Cooking with Volidity: The VolidiGriddle

What's more American than apple pie? I would suggest the following: pancakes, sausage patties, scrambled eggs, and (the aptly named) American cheese. Thankfully, upstanding corporate-citizen McDonald's is here to help. When not single-handedly rescuing the economy with jobs, McDonald's is hard at work trying to combine these ingredients and bring them to the people, for patriotism. Hence the McGriddles1--in full, the Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles®2--launched in 2003. Similar to the KFC (and Volidity Report) Double Down, the McGriddles maximizes efficiency by placing all its components into a convenient, hand-held model.

Exceeding even the Double Down in ambition, the McGriddles takes the standard breakfast entrée (even the word is French!) of pancakes with a side of eggs and sausage and makes it into an all-American sandwich. But what of gluten-free Americans, who have long suffered as an out-group (we all know the epithets: "nobreadniks", "gluten freaks", etc.), deserve their due as well. Thus did Read-a-Book and Your Humble Editor embark on a quest to make a meal that was a true national dish for the reasons above, but also local, organic and gluten-free.

From the farmers' market and a local natural store, we assembled our ingredients:
  • Ground organic farm-raised turkey meat (CT)
  • Fresh all-natural farm-raised eggs (NJ)
  • All-natural, kosher American cheese (NY)
  • Organic, gluten-free pancake mix (NY)
  • All-natural milk (NY)
  • Organic salted butter (CO)
  • Organic maple syrup (QC)
  • Honey (NY)
To achieve a McGriddles level of sweetness, we added very precise amounts of maple syrup and honey to the pancake batter (see below)

Then we proceeded to cook each component, in delicious, healthy(?) organic butter.

Read-a-Book shows off his griddlin' skillz.

At last the Four Elements can be combined to form a meaningful whole, the VolidiGriddle.

I believe in America--I believe in Volidigriddles!

1. Why this is in the plural is confounding to me.
2. There are also Sausage as well as Bacon, Egg & Cheese versions of the McGriddles, apparently.

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