Fictionary Addendum №3

cupcake: IPA: ˈkʌpkeɪk *
1. To intensely display affection while in public.
"To the disgust of the elderly, public park benches are often used for cupcaking by young couples."

garb some grabbage: IPA: ɡɑː(ɹ)b sʌm ɡɹæbɪdʒ
1. (slang) To have intercourse.
2. (slang) To break off a piece of "that".
"Yo man, you just need to get out to the club and garb some grabbage and you’ll forget all about your ex."

towtaled: IPA: ˈtoʊ.təlɪd
1. When the fees paid out for a car towing exceed the value of the car itself.
“When I went to the impound lot, I was expecting to pay a significant fee, but not that the car would be towtaled!”

Xenaphobe: IPA: ˈzɛnəˌfəʊb
1. One who is hostile to Xena: Warrior Princess.
"Look, I just think the main reason why he avoids the SyFy channel so strictly is because he’s an unreconstructed Xenaphobe."

* Thanks to Caroline
Thanks to Reid

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