Fiat Time

Thanks to the informative newsletters of Ron "Rob" Paul, millions of Americans have learned about the evils of fiat currency. Rather than representative money, which can be exchanged for items with intrinsic value like gold, brass rods, cowrie shells, and chocolate, the United States has been since 1971 issuing money whose value is simply dictated by the State. Gold, of course, is the most natural basis for currency as a precious metal. Since ancient times, gold has been used to pay debts, demonstrate wealth, and be exchanged for anything from slaves to cats. But big government bureaucrats like Franklin Delano LOSERvelt and Tricky Dick Nixon decided to mess with the natural order of things, leaving us with worthless pieces of paper that just *happen* to be exchangeable for goods and services and constitute the world's primary reserve currency. Madness!

Now, your Editor awoke Sunday morning and immediately felt that something was amiss. He was shocked and horrified to learn that in the middle of the night, when no one was watching, the government had taken away an hour of sleep from him and every single American. Selling it to the sheeple with a promise of a later sunset and a sunny euphemism--"Daylight Savings Time"--these dastardly government takers have the gall to believe that they control time and take it from you at will. "Fiat time," essentially. After some research, your Editor discovered that DST was created in America in 1918, just a few years after the imposition of other such evils as the Federal Reserve System and federal income tax. And all of these were created under a President any American should hate, Woodrow Wilson, whose administration we need to repeal, for Freedom!

It's time for America to wake up! (figuratively speaking, naturally, because it also deserves another hour of sleep) The Volidity Report will work tirelessly, despite our lack of rest, to add the abolishment of fiat time to the Ron Paul ReLOVEution! For America!