Volid Review: Fantasy Mission Force

You may have noticed that your Editor-in-Chief of the Volidity Report was on a bit of a hiatus, but this did not mean that volidity ceased to be promulgated. On the contrary, sir and/or madam! I have been on the lecture circuit, hitting up some of the most distinguished lecture halls in Brooklyn, New York. Your Editor-in-Chief was invited by an exquibulary film screening organization called Cinebeasts (of which he is a proud board member) to introduce a gripping historical documentary on September 29th. The documentary, Fantasy Mission Force (starring Jackie "Jacky" Chan), is the story of an elite commando force; however, unlike say, The Dirty Dozen or the Inglorious Basterds (sic—tsk, tsk on your spelling, Mr. Tarantino!), this film is absolutely accurate and True. Why, just see for yourself in video and below, with the slides of my lecture:

Gentlemen, Ladies, and Others, Fantasy Mission Force has been evaluated. I hope to see you on my next stop on my lecture tour, and yes, I will gladly sign an autograph in exchange for a small fee/amount of vodka.


  1. "I saw this film three times, and I still had no idea what the heck was going on! But now, thanks to Prof M's ongoing lecture circuit, which I attended, it makes sense! And how! Thanks, Larry Merrin!"

    -LR in New York

  2. I will add that I recently saw somebody on 6th Ave selling US, UK, French, and Pan-African flags (and no other type), illustrating that the consumers here in America (and the producers in China) are still grateful for the assistance of the "Middle-Sized Four" Allies...