Fictionary Addendum №2

Philastine: IPA: /ˈfɪl.ə.stin/
1. (derogatory) A resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
“The Flyers were playing a game that night so every bar was full of boorish Philastines.”

shake: IPA: /'ʃeɪk/
1. An female targeted by males for her seeming approachability and the impression that she would consent to romantic activities.
“Sure, that dive bar is full of shakes; if making out in bathrooms is your style, there's no better place.”

suddenate: IPA: /sʌdneɪt/
1. To appear without notice or warning.
“I was reading alone when without warning Kovacs suddenated behind me.”

whipping boy class: IPA: /ʍɪpɪŋ bɔɪ klɑːs/
1. The subject at a university which a student shirks in order to concentrate on his/her other subjects.
“Yeah, I figure Intro to Dinosaurs will be my whipping boy class this semester considering that I don’t think it will be too challenging.”

Special thanks to LK Shov for "shake"

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