I've often said that the human body is a canvas, and not just because if one took human skin, dried and tanned it, then one could use it as a canvas for painting. That would be gross! No, I speak of the ancient art of tattooing.

Recently, I thought of the best tattoo idea ever. It is also extremely volid! Additionally, it is meant for females—of which I happen not to be one—so listen up ladies! We have witnessed the rise of lower back tattoos, derogatively referred to as "tramp stamps," into the mainstream. More people are getting them than ever before, with 24% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 50 possessing at least one. For most, a tattoo is something that has serious meaning and significance in their life. By contrast, this tattoo idea is for people who are willing to go further and get their tattoo ironically. So, I present to you, the best tattoo idea ever—to be inked on the lower back of a female human being:


Isn't it wonderful? Oh, not a classicist? I see. Well, "signum meretriculae" means something close to "tramp stamp" (literally: "mark of a little harlot") in Latin. It is self-referential, yet mocks the effigeous trend of putting "meaningful" phrases in some foreign language on one's body. Basically, it is like the intentional tattoo that reads "pork fried rice" in Chinese, but so much better. So, any takers? I won't even charge royalties...

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  1. Maybe you can convince your girlfriend one day...
    In German we call the lower back tattoos "Arschgeweih" - looking up the meaning of Geweih: "pair of antlers", referring to the forms of the tattoo often used... Arsch should be clear...