The Flag You Should Have: Latvia

(a fun new series from The Volidity Report!)

Latvija, tu zini, ka es tevi mīlu, bet mums ir jārunā... ("Latvia, you know that I love you, but we have to talk..."). Your flag is pretty cool, but I think the time has come for change. Sure, the legend behind it is rather neat—in which a medieval Latvian tribal chief was wrapped in a white sheet, which was stained red with his blood and subsequently used as a banner that led his warriors to victory—but that can only do so much. And I know, it's only been an official flag for 42 years of history (1918-1940; 1990-present), but I think there are some significant problems surrounding it.

First off, your flag is basically the same as the Austrian flag. Yes, the dimensions are different and the Latvian flag features maroon as compared with Austria's red, but I don't think I own the proper colored pencil for that particular shade of maroon. Heck, I don't even think you'd find it in the Crayola 64-crayon box. Outside of Latvia, mistakes are often made in its depiction. So, in my opinion, what you need is more pizzazz—some new identifying marks. So, I made you this:

Tah dah! Admittedly, this is but a variation of a proposal by Ansis Cīrulis and J. Rieksts in 1917; however, I did modify it a bit to be symmetric and more aesthetically pleasing. The four stars—more properly, each is an auseklis, or "morning star," referring to an ancient Baltic pagan god—are uniquely Latvian and also represent the four provinces of Latvia. Symbolic and eye-catching without being ostentatious or effigeous. In a world of numerous bicolored tribands, it's important to stand out. So this is your chance to shine like a dawn star—take it or leave it, Latvia!

p.s. If you end up not liking my proposal and if you would like to pretend that you are a Nordic country (like your northern neighbor, Estonia), you should adopt this sweet Nordic cross flag instead:


  1. As you well know, I proudly wear my Latvian flag sweater. :-)

  2. Sveicieni no Latvijas! Diezgan jauki apdeita piedavaajumi! Mums veel joprojaam ir mazliet naudinjas no Pasaules Bankas, kuru mees vareetu iztereet Latvijas rebrendingam, u know ,) Paldies!