Cooking with Volidity: The Governor's Family Bowl

We've all heard of Colonel Sanders' Famous Bowl™--and why not? It's famous! Sure, you might say, the Famous Bowl was introduced in 2006 and Sanders had already been dead for 26 years. Also, you may note that this dish happens to be regarded as a rather poor experience by some. But where Patton Oswalt sees a "failure pile in a sadness bowl" the Volidity Report saw its potential as a communal centerpiece around which Your Editor's flatmates could gather and feast. Naturally, all of the usual rules would apply, and a friturier, saucier, and entremetier--among others--would have to be recruited, since this constitutes a multi-course meal all in one bowl.

  • Homemade chicken stock (NY)
  • All-natural chicken (PA)
  • Homemade butter (ME)
  • Cheddar cheese (NY)
  • Organic sage white cheddar cheese (VT)
  • Organic grass-fed milk (NY)
  • Organic buttermilk (WI)
  • Organic heavy cream (WI)
  • Organic corn (WA)
  • Organic potatoes (CO)
  • Gluten-free chicken coating (LA)
  • Gluten-free flour (USA)
  • All-natural peanut oil (USA)

KFC's gravy is legend (it's even good enough to swim in!), so we whipped up some volidigravy from local homemade chicken stock. Because the only thing better than homemade is double-homemade.

Potatoes were mashed together with every dairy product we could muster: butter, milk, buttermilk, and heavy cream.

Chicken that had been popcornified and soaked in buttermilk was fried in peanut oil.

With the ingredients assembled (mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, chicken, and shredded cheese), it was time to heap them all in a bowl.

You see--instead of a "failure pile in a sadness bowl" we have achieved a "family pile in a joyous bowl." Forget The Colonel's Famous Bowl, it's actually all about The Governor's Family Bowl!

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