Top Ten "Top 10" of 2011

Your Editors at the Volidity Report are aware of all internet traditions, and because it is the Holiday Season, we would like to share one with you, our dedicated readers. As the Gregorian calendar year comes to a close, bloggers are reminded of their own transitory vocations and mortal lives and thus are compelled to review the previous 365 days through a variety of means. The most prominent and user-friendly of these is the “Top 10” list. Whether it is comprised of films, music albums, books, or hex-based wargames, these lists quickly summarize the media that one should have consumed before the calendar shifts again. But these lists are so versatile that they allow for any type of information to be easily collated and processed. Thus, the Volidity Report presents to you our summation of the best lists out there on the Internets—our “Top Ten ‘Top 10’ of 2011”:

10) Top 10 Fastest Growing Food Stocks: “Coffee and tea”, “organic”, “fair trade” and “EPS growth” were the phrases to remember when investing in food industries this year.

9) Top 10 2011 issues affecting Jews: Social media websites have "remained one of the biggest bastions for spreading anti-Semitism and hate speech." [lucky the Volidity Report tends to be rather anti-social, am I right? -Ed.]

8) Top 10 Metal Albums of 2011: "Bands featured in this list such as Mastodon, Megadeth and Anthrax continued to live up to their names with their next album in a series of continuously solid material, while others seemed to come out of nowhere with brain-melting surprise hits."

7) Top 10 Coast Guard Videos: Did you know that a sailboat can become “disabled”? (the sail could tear or the jib line could snap, but I would *still* categorize that sailboat as “differently abled”) If so, the Coast Guard will rescue you in one of several dramatic videos available here!

6) Top 10 Celebrity Vegan Moments of 2011: Perhaps you have had your own “vegan moment” in 2011? No one cares! Become a celebrity and then in 2011 you can tell us how you survived on “kale and dust” and correct people by noting that veganism “doesn’t suck,” like President Clinton.

5) Top 10 K-Pop Leaders: "Yes, Doo Joon’s the leader of one of the hottest boy bands around but when it comes to failing, he’s almost as bad as SHINee’s Onew. What is it with all of these clumsy leaders?"

4) Top Women of 2011: The best ways to become a Top Woman in 2011 were to be elected to office, die, or receive a creepy phone call that reopens your decades old sexual harassment case. Also, don't be foreign, unless you're planning on winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Good luck in 2012, ladies!

3) Kim Jong Il: Top 10 Weird Facts about N Korea's Late Leader: "German media reported in 2007 that Kim hoped to solve the famine in his country by breeding giant rabbits."

2) Top 10 Greatest Animal Stories of 2011: "Amazing images of a rhino flying through the air. Upside down!"

1) The Most Important Graphs of 2011: If I’ve learned anything from the Internets, it’s that the world needs more infographics. The Atlantic may not have been the first to propose this, but they are certainly the most comprehensive. These diagrams may be disparate and even contradictory, but you should just sit back, relax, and enjoy the pleasant hues of the pie charts. Mmm, pie…

Now wasn’t that educational? 2011 has been evaluated. (and in a way so much more useful than an article that reminds us how we could also term the year, “2011: The Year the World Didn’t End”). See you in December 2012, unless the Mayans and Roland Emmerich are right!

№ 1, 4, 6, 7, & 10 suggested by Herrence Meritocracy and № 2, 3, 5, 8 & 9 suggested by LK Shov. All methodologies scientific.

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