The Ultimate Personals Ad

As we approach the anniversary of the Martyrdom of Saint Valentine, what are the youth of our Nation doing more of besides looking for love? And in what manner are they communicating with one another, if not in short, confusing sequences of letters? One should also not overlook the fondness of our Young People for clever little slogans, of the sort which can be reprinted on a t-shirt and make a filler kid feel cooler than he is. Thus, I present to you the ultimate personals ad header for the 21st century:

"XY seeking XX for XXX"

It's compact, direct, clever (in the manner of things learned in Biology class and subsequently forgotten), easily reversed (for the ladies as well as those suffering from Klinefelter's syndrome), and memorable. Perfect for that individual, "craig," and his list, or even one of those old-fashioned "news papers." You never know, this might even be the quip that finally gets the attention of that shalimar who has been ignoring you thus far. If so, be sure to thank your friends at the Volidity Report...


  1. The Volidity Report got its first spambot comment today! It is from 健康保寶/"Health Insurance Po" and reads 廢話不多,祝你順心~^^/"Much nonsense, I wish you liking ~^^" followed by a million porn links (each hyperlinked as a period). Though I rejected your comment, H.I. Po, I appreciate your efforts to contact us!

    (And I thank Google Translate for its Chinese-to-English translation)

  2. a brave man, Po. may your life become more volid as Google moves into China and opens up your world.