Portrait Gallery

There will always be lazy afternoons. Especially at this juncture of youth, where going out until the wee hours is a matter of course on Friday and Saturday nights, Saturday and Sunday afternoons can end up largely wasted. But, if you have a few friends gathered, who are bored, and especially for those who are already drinking again, I recommend one simple activity. All one requires is paper, pens, and a volunteer to pose. Then, the others can draw this individual, with hilarious consequences.

(the first round ended up being rather cartoonish)

(myself as Teen Wolf [?], I guess)

(associate editor LK Shov as an African-American Studies professor with a special focus on New York City)

(my friend "Trebor," the victim of grand theft nug)

But, by the next round, we moved toward realism, by way of abstract art and produced a much nicer set of portraits, including my own blogger profile photo. Hooray for art, down time, and afternoon beer! (and credit goes to Trebor for drawing the first two portraits here and LK Shov the final one)

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