Venetian Doge

On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog. This is despite the fact that dogs have gained rather great prominence on the internet, enough to even challenge the hegemony of the feline. One popular internet figure of late is a Shiba Inu dog named Kabosu, whose thoughts and experiences have been catalogued under the pseudonym "doge."

Americans may know their memes, but they sure don't know much about history. Now, as textbooks have been made obsolete by iPads, we must recognize the need for new teaching methods. By choosing the name "doge," the denizens of the internet have offered us an opportunity to teach the Youth about another set of doges. Hailing from Venice, the *Most Serene* of Republics (and thus the chillest), these doges were in fact humans elected to run the city-state and its maritime trading empire from the middle ages until 1797.

Thus, the Volidity Report presents the Venetian doges in a vernacular understandable to the internet:

Doge Leonardo Loredan (r. 1501 - 1523)

Doge Michele Steno (r. 1400 - 1413)

Doge Andrea Gritti (r. 1523 - 1538)

Doge Carlo Ruzzini (r. 1732 - 1735)

Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning from memes on the internets? But remember everyone, if nobody knows who you are on the internet, no one has to know your meme is educational either!


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    I'd like to contact you about using one of these images in an academic article that I am writing. Is there an email address that I can contact you at?

    1. To contact the author of this post, please email volidity.report@gmail.com