Tales from the Spambots - Italian Spambots Indicating

Many, from About.com to the favorite web magazine of cranky racists to Habsburg Emperor Charles V, regard the Italian language as the most beautiful in the world. Twitterbots, in their eternal quest to become more human, have tried to learn about our emotions through our hobbies and online activities. Now a new generation has become more philosophical and linguistic, quoting great philosophers and timeless sayings from a variety of cultures.

Take for example the musings of Ruben Kenneth Galbraith--lesser known brother of noted economist J.K. Galbraith--forgotten by history but remembered by spambots:

Or let's hear from Julianne Smiley, goateed resident of "ukraine, usa," who quotes some classic American wisdom:
But like human users of the Interwebs, our Twitterbot friends have also grown fond of the Italian language, and its various indications:

So simple, yet poetic, Italian is the perfect language for branding. Perhaps Italian is also the original language of House Stark's motto "Winter is Coming" from Game of Thrones? The evidence indicates as much...

Despite the fact that the Italian language as interpreted by spambots is beautiful, its typos are unable to be fixed.

Women of all ages *do* converse in actuality, in fact too much if you ask this Editor's opinion! However, spoken language may have been invented by women, so I suppose we should give them some license. But the magic of conversation is simply not the entire fact of Spambot Italian.

Beauty cannot be understood without ugliness, and joy without pain. Such does Spambot Italian address our bittersweet realities. If only I had known such poetry in my younger and more vulnerable years. Alas!

Love's goods truly are a boobed religion! Finally, someone has conceived of a worthy True Faith, in a language the common man can comprehend. Now, if there was only a church (or perhaps a Facebook group) to join...

Hopefully the first of many listicles on Sonnets from the Spambots

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